Who Writes This?

I write thislive from Queen Anne\'s El Diablo cafe. My name is Bruce Wilson. I arrange partnerships a.k.a. “strategic alliances” between my company, iLink Systems and other companies who have compatible technologies and/or business models. iLink does custom software development, which means we frequently incorporate or connect with software developed by other companies. So I wind up evaluating a lot of different technologies. Fortunately, I find this sort of thing interesting. Hopefully, since you are reading this, you do too.

I also have a background in startups, and business creation and expansion, with a particular emphasis on how to bring people together in teams or other types of relationships to get things done (this area of endeavor is variously described as “communication,” “market economics,” and the like), so I imagine there will also be a generous helping of squishier, non-technology ideas and news in this blog also. Let’s find out….


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