My job

Besides natural curiosity — we live in interesting times, let’s face it — and a background in Internet startups, one of the reasons I track different emerging software technologies is because my employer, iLink Systems (located in Bellevue, WA, half way between Seattle and a certain software giant’s headquarters) builds custom software products.

Our work runs the gamut from mobile applications to business analytics tools, from user interfaces to integration of multiple server applications or databases into a unified system. So I wind up evaluating a lot of different technologies to see if they fit with existing / potential clients or could make the basis for productive partnerships or marketing campaigns for us.

Then there’s the legal aspects of what I do (contacts and such) — for the record, regardless of what you think personally of attorneys as a group or those you know personally, the quality of most contracts is really low (the word “sucks” comes to mind). More about this in future posts….


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